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Teach Yourself Music in Your Spare Time

At C. R. Carole, I'm dedicated to making it easy to teach yourself music. Growing up, my family worked hard to ensure I got the music instruction I needed. Now, I pass my knowledge on in books, CDs, and other media to ensure you can make the most of your talent and passion. This bears some explaining, so here is some of the story.

A Lifelong Prodigy

At just two & a half, I was offered a contract to sing on the radio, though my mother declined at the time. By the age of seven, I was a prodigy in opera singing and made history as the youngest vocal student accepted into Juilliard School of Music at the time. I received the highest Juilliard scholarship award for voice and piano 6 years in a row. I also learned instruments, I learned flute and violin in my high school orchestra and was professionally teaching both voice and piano by age 11.  At 15, I was the only opera singer in more than 30 years to sing at the end of the year Juilliard concert.

Between 1959-1960, at the ages of 15 and 16, I studied under the training of several top teachers with a group of prodigy students sponsored by The Berkeley Music School in New York. I received the highest single and double scholarships given during those two summer sessions at Nasson College in Maine. There are many more accomplishments I could cite here, but for now, we'll focus on why you are here—to learn how to use your voice, instrument, and talents to fuel your passion for music and creation. I now work as a private teacher and use a varied, progressively structured training method for my students. I'm also the author of the revolutionary music workbooks you'll find on this site.  It took me 21 years to complete all of my eight professional products.

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These music workbooks that dare to be different, they break the mold, "the instructional pages and student working pages are superior," allowing students to teach themselves on their own time. Of course, there are also teachers' and students' additions for private instruction, class instruction and teach yourself.  Choose the book appropriate to your skill level and enjoy the knowledge my family and I worked so hard to attain, and spread your gift to the world.


Beginner Music Workbook - Also extends into the intermediate level - (320 Pages) - $64.99 Exciting Sale!  $49.99  | The Teachers' Edition (The Help Book) (320 Pages) - $64.99 Exciting Sale! $49.99 | Beginner Music Workbook with Teachers' Edition (The Help Book) (includes a $10.00 Discount) - $89.98


Intermediate Music Workbook - Also extends into the advanced level - (388 Pages) - $84.99 Exciting Sale! $64.99 | The Teachers' Edition (The Help Book) (388 Pages) - $84.99 Exciting Sale! $64.99 | Intermediate Music Workbook with Teachers' Edition (The Help Book) (includes a $10.00 Discount) - $119.98

Music Notebook, Instructional-Create

Instructional - Create Music Notebook (128 Pages), Includes 6 Music Reference Pages for composing instructions, translation of music marks and signs, music units, counting, music notations, and theory - $32.99 Exciting Sale! $24.99

A Book To Inspire

 Inspiring Messages Wisdom Honor - Poems Sayings Humor in Memory. - Poems Stories Rhymes for Children (and all ages) (122 Pages)
You Just Can't Put it Down! "I have to read it again!" - $19.99

Brilliant Coloratura Operatic CD

 Brilliant Coloratura Operatic CD in Jewel Case (Opera Arias, Broadways, 2 Rare Pieces, & 2 Loved Favorites) -
Wonderful folded insert, with authors background. Exquisite singing like you've never heard before - $23.99 Exciting Sale! $17.99

Inspiring & Educational Traditional Jewish Songs

Children's Family Chanukah Song with Accompaniment by Iris Jedell Frommer, Includes CD with 2 Recordings with & without Words ("Maidel Dreidel" and "Menchin Candle" ) Celebrate and sing about the Chanukah Miracle of long ago, and the miracle of our own family in today's world.  That like the flame on each candle, so should the love for family always burn bright with every Chanukah year.
It's Beautiful! - $24.99 Exciting Sale! $22.99   (PDF) Book Preface

Red Heart Affordably Priced!

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